Depression can feel as if you have fallen into a black hole and will never be able to find your way out of it.

Symptoms of Depression

Trouble concentrating
Feeling annoyed or irritable
Feeling empty inside
Digestive problems
Lack of enthusiasm
Little pleasure or interest in things
Low libido
Feelings of guilt or shame
Feeling pessimistic
Feeling suicidal
Feeling sad
Disconnected from others
Insomnia or sleeping too much
Over-eating or losing appetite

Getting Help

When you feel depressed it's often a battle to get up in the mornings and motivate yourself to do anything. It might feel as if no-one in the world understands you. If you are out and see people enjoying themselves you can feel isolated and cut off. Therapy can give you hope as you start to see things in a different way. Get in touch today for more information about how I can help you get your life back.

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How you can feel instead

Refreshed and energised
Looking forward to the day ahead
Socialising again
A sense of connection
Renewed interest in things
Greater feelings of self-worth
A new lease of life
Sleeping better
Moving more
Making plans
Accepting yourself

Your story

We all have a story, our lives are made up of many chapters and if someone was reading your life story they would soon decide whether it was a comedy, drama, tragedy or romance.

The truth is, our lives are divided into many stories, some of them over-lapping, for example if we experienced a tragic romance or a funny drama.

You are writing your story every moment of every day, so if you don’t like where it’s heading, now is the best time to change it.

It is true to say that we can’t always easily change the external factors around us.  Maybe it’s your job or your relationship or something else that you believe fuels your depression.  Then again, I have many clients whose lives seem perfect but they still feel depressed.

It actually doesn’t matter what is going on in your life, because some people can feel happy sitting in a puddle with just the clothes on their back.   I can guarantee that the happiest man in the world is not the wealthiest man in the world.

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